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You must defeat each of the three Bead Masters in order to reach the top of the tower and rescue your girlfriend. It's a secret to everybody...

Sage, the Webmaster

After his family was tragically murdered at the hands of ninja pirates at the tender age of 11, Sage set out to master the deadly arts of PHP and XHTML to satisfy his bloodthirsty vendetta. After many years of adventuring, he settled down in Indiana to set the machinations of his great plan into motion. When not hatching deadly schemes, he works toward a technology degree at Purdue University.

Monica, the Craftswoman

From where did she hail? To what ends does she work? No man knows. Rumors carried on the breath of the wind speak of her legendary mastery of the common bead, but the woman herself remains an enigma. All that is known is that she currently stalks the halls of the University of Notre Dame, plying her craft in ways unknown to mortal minds.

Nick, the Handyman

In the year 2532, the thriving civilization of Earth IV stumbled upon a great wonder: a natural wormhole, its exit unknown. The industry leader of android technology, eager to be part of the momentous occasion, donated its latest model to the project - the NRX. It piloted a ship into the wormhole, but was never seen again. And back in the year 2007, a mysterious young man approached Sage in his underground lair... gets its sprites from Spriter's Resource (which we recommend using to find sprites for commissions!), other sprite websites, and occasionally directly from the games themselves. Contact us if we haven't given you credit for using your sprite.

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